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Information for users

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Drogowskaz Lyoko is a page consisting of links to all active sites about Code Lyoko we know of. The site was made with Polish users in mind, but if you move the cursor on the link, a description in English should pop up. This allows you to use our little creation comfortably.

If you know any sites, that aren't in the Drogowskaz yet, feel free to let us now and contact us via:


Where "tytuł" means "subject", and "Treść wiadomości" means "Your message", then hit "Wyślij e-mail" and we take care of the rest.


Feel free to send us an email to our official address, and it shall be delivered to the right people ;)

And our Discord server! You'll find the invitation below. When you get there, send a private message to Wyklęty. And one more thing - we mostly speak Polish there.

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